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1500 Mission St
San Francisco, CA, 94103
United States


Smart Technology

Under the roof of the goBIN™, a smart sensor uses ultrasonic technology to measure the fill level of the bin on a daily basis and send the data to a cloud-based portal. The participating Goodwill member chapter simply logs into the portal to see the fill level and receive a pickup route report. This real-time data eliminates unsightly overflow and customer service complaints.


Smart Sensor

Purchasers of the goBIN™ receive a sensor in the same shipment as the goBIN™, and it installs with a single screw. Sensors are easily activated with an included magnet that establishes the geo-location of the goBIN™ and automatically adds it to a local pickup route. Individual Goodwill member chapters maintain the relationship with the sensor manufacturer and pay a small monthly fee per bin for data access. The goBIN™ smart sensors are warranted by their manufacturer for one year and have a 10-year battery life.


Smart Software

Included software plots the most efficient and low-carbon route to service goBIN™ bins and collect donations ready for pickup. The technology even uses predictive modeling based on historical fill data to recommend ahead-of-need collection as needed. This system helps Goodwill improve labor efficiency, reduce transportation and fuel costs, and minimize their carbon footprint. If desired, drivers can access the route via smartphone or tablet to create additional efficiencies and eliminate paper use.

Community Connection

The QR code on the outside of the goBIN™ opens donors to a world of valuable information. By providing their email address, donors receive a thank-you from their local Goodwill, access an online donation tax form for their records, and learn how their individual efforts are having a collective impact on creating local jobs and bettering their environment. Donors may also comment on their goBIN™ experience for real-time feedback and share their actions through social media.


Individual Goodwill chapters can program back-end content for the QR code to deepen engagement with their donors and help goBIN™ host sites create community around the goBIN™ donation experience.  Knowing how many pounds have been collected for a particular goBIN™ location, for example, building owners can congratulate and incentivize their own donation community. Information about how this goBIN™ location performs vis-à-vis other similar locations can drive friendly competition among buildings, offices, or even other bins in the goBIN™ network nationwide.

Talked About

The goBIN™ has excited the public with its delightful design, innovative use of technology and the efficient way it satisfies an everyday need for modern urban dwellers. To date, it has generated more than 5 million media impressions. Click below to see what others are saying about the goBIN™.