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1500 Mission St
San Francisco, CA, 94103
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Post-consumer textile waste is a growing threat to our environment. Each American contributes 70 pounds of clothing and linens to landfill each year, and most of these could be re-worn, reused, or recycled. Each pound buried in landfill emits more than 7 pounds of CO2 into our atmosphere. This makes textile collection a critical next frontier of the recycling movement.

With its eye-catching design, operational efficiency, and innovative use of technology, the SFGoodwill goBIN™ is a modern solution to the issue of textile waste. The goBIN™ story provides a media platform that Goodwill member chapters across the U.S. can use to engage the public around the issue of textile waste. 

Click here to learn more about how SFGoodwill is turning unwanted textiles in to jobs that benefit its local community, economy, and environment.


From its original design by frog, the global product strategy and design firm, through engineering and manufacturing, the goBIN™ combines a streamlined modern look with heavy-duty materials and hardware designed to stand up to regular use.

Download the goBIN™ specifications data sheet here.


When the goBIN™ textile collection system launches it will be bundled with easy, self-service support tools.

Marketing Outreach Materials

Building owners, property managers, and municipalities can excite environmental action on the part of their residents by creating awareness of the goBIN™ textile donation opportunity.  Email templates, posters, images, and other digital assets will be posted when the goBIN™ officially launches.

Location & Service Agreement Template

Upon launch, individual Goodwill member chapters will be able to access a template as the starting point for creating written agreements with the building owners, property managers, and municipalities in their community.

Product Assembly and Care Instructions

The goBIN™ takes two people about 20 minutes to assemble at the donation site and the smooth goBIN™ surfaces are easy to wipe down using a non-ammonia spray. Assembly and care instructions are included with each goBIN™. Upon launch, they'll also be available here.