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File Preparation

Below are some general guidelines that apply to graphics and image files regardless of the platform or applications you are using. All information is geared toward 4-color (CMYK) output only. Files submitted for goBIN™ graphics with spot colors will be converted to CMYK prior to submission to our print partner. 

Layout Files, Graphics, and Fonts:

If you are sending us application (i.e, non-PDF) files, make sure you include ALL font files, including fonts that are used in linked graphics. For extra insurance against font errors, you can convert fonts to paths (outlines). This will not affect the type quality.

If you are sending us PDF files, please combine both pages of a two-sided document into one file. In Acrobat, go to "Document > Insert Pages" or just drag the second page from the desktop to the "Pages" tab.

Convert all spot colors to process colors (mixes of cyan, magenta, yellow and black). If your file is submitted with spot colors, we will convert it to CMYK during pre-flight for the printer. We recommend doing this yourself as it can affect expectations and color accuracy.

Convert all RGB colors to process colors. Files submitted with RGB colors will be converted to CMYK during pre-flight for the printer. Again, we recommend doing this yourself as it can affect expectations and color accuracy.


Images should be in the CMYK colorspace. In Photoshop, look under "Image > Mode" to confirm.

Images should be at least 300 dpi in resolution. Look under "Image > Image Size" to confirm, and make sure the image isn't enlarged more than 125% in your layout application. Lower resolutions will result in poor output quality.

If you are saving files as EPS, make sure that preview is set to TIFF, 8-bits /pixel, and Encoding is set to Binary.

If you are typesetting in Photoshop, save as a Photoshop PDF version 6 or higher from the layered file, or provide the layered Photoshop file and all fonts used.

File Submission:

For questions related to branding your goBINs™ and submitting files for production, please contact Pam Gray (