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Easy for Donors

The goBIN™ makes donating textiles an everyday opportunity, as convenient as dropping a bottle into a recycling bin. Located in the lobby or service area of high-rise residential and office buildings, the goBIN™ accepts clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, and like items at any time – eliminating the need to store and deliver items to be donated. The goBIN™ is the environmentally friendly alternative to disposing of unwanted clothing in not-so-green ways – giving every donor a reason to feel proud.

Donors find it as easy as 1-2-3


Set aside a surplus item.


Drop it in the goBIN™ as you pass by


Access an online tax donation form and learn how your donation will help a local person in need get a job.

Easy for Building Owners

The  goBIN™ provides property managers with a new amenity to offer residents and office occupants that reduces building operating costs and benefits the environment.

Creating Community

In a competitive real estate market, offering the time-saving goBIN™ textile donation service on site can help buildings distinguish themselves from the competition. And since the goBIN™ can calculate and report donation volume by location, it helps building neighbors share a common environmental purpose.

Reducing Clutter

The average American sends more than 70 pounds of clothing and linens to landfill each year – most of it in wearable or recyclable condition. By offering an alternative to trash disposal for residents, the goBIN™ can help building owners reduce their solid-waste fees and have a beneficial impact on the local environment.

Cutting Disposal Costs

Building occupants now have an easy way to keep their spaces tidy. The smart sensor inside the goBIN™ pings Goodwill for pickup before the bin reaches capacity, avoiding unsightly overflow. The goBIN™ also provides building managers with a place to donate textiles left behind by residents and office workers when they depart.

Easy for Goodwill

The goBIN™ textile collection system reaches a large number of donors and potential donors in one location, and collects their donations efficiently at a relatively low cost. By placing the donation opportunity as close to the source as possible, it raises the likelihood that donors will regularly contribute more and higher quality items.

New Tech Efficiency

The goBIN™ smart sensor drive new efficiencies in donation collection. Using cloud-based technology, it alerts Goodwill before the bin reaches capacity. Included software plots the most efficient and lowest carbon pickup route, saving labor and idling time. Predictive modeling even anticipates and recommends ahead-of-need bin collection as needed.

Numerous Site Opportunities

The chic and modern goBIN™ design opens the door to high-end residential and office towers that wouldn’t consider hosting an industrial-looking donation bin. Larger complexes may warrant the placement of more than one bin. Individual Goodwill chapters may also partner with local municipalities to place goBIN™ bins in secured public offices, recreation centers, schools and the like.

Quick and Easy Collection

The goBIN™ design facilitates donation pickup in about 5 minutes per stop. Opened with a lock, the door of the goBIN™ swings wide open to allow easy access. Rolling wheels on the internal cart allows a driver to replace the full cart with an empty one without stooping or lifting.

Endless Donor Engagement

If your Goodwill chooses to deploy a QR code on the goBIN™, donors can receive a thank you, access a donation tax form and learn more about the Goodwill mission – all by providing their email address. You and your team can develop a portal that helps grow outreach, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising communications with a growing donor community.